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Almodo Woven

Almodo is one of the leading fabric suppliers of woven fabrics in Turkey as well as in Europe. Using the most advanced textile technology, carefully selected raw materials and supported by a team of experts, Almodo is involved in the entire production from design&development to the final finishing. Almodo with its innovative technology, embarked on the mission to respond to the changing trends in the fastest way.The aim is to be as close as possible to the customer and market, and to respond quickly to innovation, customer needs and wants.

Sampling and Production Processes are carried in house in Almodo facilities. Controlling every single stage enables Almodo to give the touch of quality which makes the difference and this distinguishes Almodo from a common Jersey supplier. All the designs are developed internally by our experienced Italian designer, Follows up all the processes in every stage together with Almodo team Members. Almodo Jersey Collection is growing up with the same spirit and same philosophy in terms of style, technology and quality. With our new jersey collection we supply to medium to high level customers based in international markets such as  USA, France, Germany, Austria, Japan, UK, China, S.Korea, Spain, Poland and emerging markets. Some of our customers are : seven jeans, Hugo Boss, bcbg, bebe, Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Cos, Nippon steel

Coating / Bonding /


The range consists of various kinds of fabrics. Starting from 3 gauge to 42 Gauge,

  • Cotton/polyamide-viscose/polyamide- cotton/polyester-linen- modal/silk-Viscose/

  • Siro-micro modal-tencel- cotton/ wool / polyester / tencel /

  • Polyester / polyester – wool / acrylic / cotton – cotton/ acrylic – wool /Polyamide – wool / acrylic /

  • Polyester – 100 % cotton crepé


Almodo is also well known for it’s advanced finishings and all kinds of added Treatments on jersey fabrics such as :

Coating / bonding / lamination / applications through transfer, digital and Rotary prints / carbon brushing and mercerizing.

Almodo Jersey Colection

Almodo Print Collection

Our mission in Almodo Print Collection division is to provide the best quality & service, with the fastest lead time possible with giant greige stocks kept in Almodo Warehouses. We have the flexibility in print base qualities, from light weight %100 pes Chiffons to silk, from high stretch pants fabric qualities to dobbies or double Faces in different compositions. Almodo Print Collection collection is able to satisfy and meet the needs of both high end and fast fashion brands.

We are proud to announce that qualities of Almodo Print Collection collection are known And utilized by clients and brands in more than 60 different countries all over the world as of today.

Almodo Print Collection collection is able to satisfy and meet the needs of both high end and fast fashion brands.

Print types

1.ROTARY Print :

Pigment – disperse – reactive prints

Up to 12 colors at once with a capacity of 2 millions of meters in a month.


Reactive , sublimation (transfer) , acid print (on silk)

3. Flock print

4. Different types of decorative coatings

5. Lamination



Through a combination of best quality machinery and having our in-house design team, we have the full options available allowing us to create many unique fabric looks, textures and colors in Jacquart by ALMODO. We are mainly specialized in cotton, cotton/ polyester, poly/viscose and wool type polyester, as well as linen and linen blend fabrics weighs between 150-450 gr/m2 for tops and bottomwear.




Ready made garment


Almodo offers an ecellent personalised service, starting from the creation of the design to the final garment.

Our research&development team follows the latest trends and prepare regular collections with alternative fabrics and trims.

Using out high fabric quality and strong know-how, we provide fast lead times and quick solutions to our customers’ needs.

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