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In line with its company policies and in order to provide better service by expanding the Almodo family, Almodo Altunlar Tekstil Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi (“Almodo”) will keep for 1 (one) year all CVs submitted by the candidate employees and personal data verbally declared during the job interviews in order to evaluate your qualifications, experiences and areas of interest and eligibility for employment in the relevant open positions and if require, check the accuracy of information provided by you or make inquiries about you by contacting third persons; communicate with you during the application and employment process; meet the requirements of relevant legislation or the demands of competent authorities; and develop and improve the employment standards and procedures implemented by our Company.

Your personal data will be collected by us in writing or through the human resources segment available in our web site at or via employment or consultancy firms, the website of, Turkish Employment Agency, interviews conducted through video conferences, phone or other similar tools or for face-to-face interviews during direct interviews and controls or inquires conducted by us in order to confirm the accuracy of your personal information.

Personal data is processed after taking all necessary information security measures and kept during the statutory period or for the period required with the purpose of processing provided that personal data is not used for any purpose and outside the scope of the specified purposes. All personal data provided in your CV are stored on confidential basis on Almodo’s database in accordance with the requirements of Personal Data Protection Law No.6698 (“Law”).

Personal data is stored in our database with maximum security measures and based on limited access. Personal data processed for the above mentioned purposes is deleted, destroyed or continued to use anonymously in case that the purpose requiring processing of personal data according to Law ceases to exist in line with the periods defined in the Regulation on Deletion, Disposal or Anonymization of Personal Data published in the Official Gazette of Turkey dated 28.10.2017 and numbered 30224. Personal data may be transferred to the administrative or judicial authorities which must be transferred legally, or in order to create an information center and enhance the productivity levels in the company within the framework of legal restrictions.


In connection with the processing or use of personal data, the person whose personal data is processed will be entitled to obtain information, to demand correction, revision and deletion of his/her data or to revoke the consent already granted  at any time. Rights available under Article 11 of the Law for the personal data shared with us may be easily exercised. These rights are listed below:


  1. Being informed on whether his/her Personal Data has been processed,

  2. Requesting information about processing if his/her Personal Data was processed

  3. Being informed on the purpose of the processing activity and whether the personal data is processed in accordance with the specified purpose,

  4. Being informed on the third parties who received such personal data, within the country or abroad

  5. requesting corrections if the personal data has been processed in an incomplete or incorrect manner,

  6. Requesting deletion or disposal of such Personal Data under the scope of Law,

  7. Requesting notifying third parties whom his/her personal data has been transferred regarding the procedures carried out in accordance with the clauses (e) and (f)

  8. Objecting to adverse outcomes to be occurred when personal data processing undergoes exclusively by automated means, or

  9. Claiming compensation for the losses incurred by you due to unlawful processing of your Personal Data.


You may submit your requests about your personal data to Almodo in writing or by using the registered electronic mail address (REM), secure electronic signature, mobile signature or electronic mail address previously notified to Almodo and registered in Almodo’s system; or by means of a developed software or application for the purpose of application by attaching relevant documents and information to this application.


Following elements should be included in the application:


a) Name and surname and if the application is in writing, signature,

b) Turkish ID number for the citizens of Republic of Turkey or nationality, passport number or, if any, ID number for foreign natural persons,

c) Notification address of place of settlement or workplace,

d) If provided, electronic mail address and phone and fax number,

e) Subject of request.

In line with these rights, you can always make contact with Almodo by submitting your request in writing to the address 15 Temmuz Mahallesi, Bahar Caddesi, No: 43 - J Kat 10-11
Nurol Park Ofis, 34212 Güneşli - Bağcılar / Istanbul (via post or manual delivery) or through the e-mail address


Our company will finalize your request at latest within 30 days. In case that our company informs you in writing, no fee of up to 10 pages will be charged. It may be received 1 Turkish Lira for each page exceeding 10 pages. In case that our Company informs you by a CD or flash memory, the fee to be charged to you will not exceed the cost of that CD or flash memory. If our Company refuses the request stated in your application, it will provide its response in writing or via an e-mail. You may file a complaint with the Board within thirty days as of the date that you have been informed on the response of our Company, or within 60 days as of the application date in any case, when the application to our Company is rejected; the our response is found unsatisfactory or the response is not given within 30 days.


If our Company accepts the request of the application, it will fulfill the requirements and the application fee received from you is refunded. Almodo gives utmost importance to the protection of your personal data. For that reason, Almodo takes all necessary security measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal data or loss, misuse, disclosure, alteration or destruction of such information. The audits relating to the security system required to be maintained for the protection of personal data will be carried out/procured by Almodo on periodic basis. Almodo undertakes to keep personal data secret; take any and all technical and administrative measures required to ensure confidentiality and updated status of personal data and show the level of attention as may be needed to protect all personal information. In the event of any harm given to or any unauthorized disclosure to third persons of personal data as a result of the attacks made to the web site or to the system in spite of the information security measures taken by Almodo, Almodo will immediately inform the candidate employees and Personal Data Protection Board about this breach.  

Almodo Altunlar Tekstil Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi

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